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Successful & thriving destination wedding businesses don't just happen, they are built— one wedding at a time 

After 14 years of planning hundreds of destination weddings & honeymoons, and building a multiple six-figure destination wedding business, I've developed a PROVEN & Plug-and-Play Process that anyone can set up, whether you're just starting out, or have been in the game for years!


The PREMIER step-by-step destination wedding business-building system that will show you exactly how to build a six-figure destination wedding business while working with 5 to 10 brides a year!

The 20K System is PERFECT FOR YOU if you're a travel or wedding pro who is...

Just getting started or never booked a destination wedding before!

A seasoned pro tired of wasting precious time and energy, trying to get quality destination wedding leads into your business!

Willing to follow a PLUG & PLAY blueprint that will allow you confidently build a destination wedding business that will fuel your freedom and ability to build a business and life you love!

Willing to grab hold of what you want despite temporary setbacks and false starts. You know the potential destination weddings can add to your bottom line, and you are motivated as heck to finally achieve the momentum and growth in your business you know you can achieve!

If this sounds like you, and you're finally willing to make that commitment to yourself and your dreams, I promise you the 20K System will be your surest path to SUCCESS!


  • My easy-to-follow step-by-step 20K 2.0 System gives you a crystal clear, “can’t fail” blueprint of short videos & exercises specifically created to move you forward in your destination wedding business... (Not just teach you stuff!)
  • You'll discover the exact detailed done-for-you process in the modules below, that you can plug right into your existing business no matter where you are along the journey.
  • When you get this process up and running once, it will continuously send you a steady flow of your ideal wedding couples who won't ghost you or bat an eye at your prices ever again!


In other words, The 20K System will TRANSFORM your business to get you FOUND, BOOKED, & PROFITABLE year after year, just like it's done for these 20K Planners! 


See what's waiting for you inside once you become a Member

 Your 20K Wedding Couple


Your detailed blueprint on how to discover exactly who your ideal wedding couple is & how to attract them like a magnet!

In Module 1, you'll get laser-focused on exactly who your ideal wedding couple is, what they want, and how to give it to them! The focus you walk away with after just this first module will keep your ideal wedding couples flowing into your business for years to come!

At the end of Module #1, you will:

  • Know how to discover your ideal wedding couple's pain points and deepest desires for their wedding!
  • Figure out where to find your ideal wedding couples and exactly what you need to do to get in front of them without paid ads!
  • Get clear on a long-term success strategy that will draw your ideal wedding couples to your business for years to come!  
  • ...AND MORE!


Then once you know EXACTLY who your ideal wedding couple is, we'll move on to... 

Your 20K Lead Accelerator


Get our complete process to grow your ideal wedding leads on autopilot!

Module 2 will take all the guesswork and frustration out of growing your ideal wedding leads once and for all. Our system will show you how easy it is to get your A-list wedding couples to line up at your virtual front door raising their hand to give you their real contact info! (not the crappy ones they give out at the bridal shows & events) Pre-sold to hire you!

By the time you're done with Module #2, you will:

  • Unleash your irresistible Unique Value Proposition that sets you apart from all the other destination wedding agents!
  • Instantly resonate with your most qualified wedding couples who'll be eager to follow, learn, and eventually book you for their wedding!
  • Easy-to-follow templates and scripts that will take you step-by-step to know what to say and when to say it, to draw your ideal wedding couples right to your phone, inbox, or door! 
  • Will immediately get your ideal wedding couples to know, like, and trust you as the wedding expert you are!
  • Have the solid foundation you need to attract any wedding couple at will anytime, anywhere! 
  • ...AND MORE!


After that, we'll tackle...

Your 20K Close


How to master the art of a consultation that will get you booked over and over again!

In Module 3, you’ll get my proven consultation framework I personally use to get hired at an 80% close rate! Discover the secrets to effortlessly guide your prospective wedding clients through a NO-PRESSURE, NON-SALESY consultation process so you easily close the sale and make more money by helping wedding couples get the destination wedding they truly desire!

At the end of Module #3, you will:

  • Turn your old uncomfortable, struggle-filled consultation process into a reliable, stress-free, enjoyable experience, that turns your wedding prospects into booked wedding clients
  • Proven scripts you can use to effortlessly take your potential wedding couple through the “sales process” that will get you hired over and over again!
  • Send your quotes in confidence to couples who hire you without blinking!
  • How to make sure your wedding couples are pre-sold on working with you and see your value before you ever meet with them
  • ...AND MORE!


From there we move on to...

Your 20K Venues


Your all-access pass to amazing resort venues that will give your clients a fairy tale wedding while making you look like a rock star!

In Module 4, you'll get the inside scoop on the best destination resort venues to recommend to your clients that make you look like a rock star, while also generating the most money for you! Get inside access to your resort dream team so that you have an inner circle you can reach out to at any time.

By the end of Module #4, you will:

  • What you need to know to position yourself as the expert and best help your client!
  • Recommended resort brands to partner with that will make your clients happy and make you look like a rockstar!
  • How to set up the wedding with the resort your couple selects!
  • Virtual Video Tours & Resort Venue Trainings!
  • ...AND MORE!


Then it's time for...


Your 20K Wedding Groups


Everything you need to know to easily set up your wedding groups & contracts for maximum benefits & sales!

In Module 5, you’ll discover my tips & tricks to easily set up and book your wedding groups, the secrets to understanding the ins and outs of your group contracts and benefits, and as well as knowing how to leverage your group benefits to increase partnership & sales!

At the end of Module #5, you will:

  • The types of groups and how to know which one is best for your couple
  • Understanding group benefits so that you can ultimately increase your commission and the benefits your couple will earn
  • How to set up a group with a travel supplier
  • Group contracts are simplified. Using the group contract to organize your group and protect your clients


And from there we'll go to...

Your 20K Pay Day


Your cheat sheet to securing big commissions, bonuses, & traveling to bucket list locations for pennies on the dollar!

High five! Because in Module 6, you’re now going to effortlessly uncover how to maximize your profits by partnering with resort brands & travel suppliers who will pay you top commission & bonuses.

By the end of Module #6, you will:

  • Know the best brands that will pay you the most and how to get extra bonus commissions!
  • Understand the financial benefits of working with a quality host agency!
  • Know how to leverage your relationship with BDMs to always have your back, fight for higher commission rates, & get invited on Fam trips!
  • Know 4 ways to make more money from every wedding group you book!
  • Learn how to properly register your bookings to claim your free nights & discounted rates on future travel!
  • How to get bucket list travel for pennies on the dollar!
  • Be invited to join us on our EXCLUSIVE 20K Retreats!


And finally, we move on to...

Your 20K Social Media Multiplier


Plug-and-play social media profile templates & examples that get your ideal wedding couple to like, follow, and DM you!

Module 7 will show you how to quickly & easily update your Pinterest, Instagram, & Facebook profiles that will turn them into a wedding lead generator for your business! 

By the end of Module #7, you'll have:

  • Fill-in-the-blank templates & examples to get your ideal wedding couples to find, like, and follow you!
  • The formula to attract your ideal wedding couples, stay in front of them forever turning them into wedding clients & raving fans!
  • A consistent flow of your ideal wedding couples filling your DMs, PMs, and Bride Bribe with their contact information!
  • And much, much more!

You will be fully supported by real people in our amazing 20K Community

Invitation to Our Private 20K Facebook Group

(Value: $597)

Did you know that when you join the 20K System, you’ll get to hang out with our amazing group of 20K planners who are all building their destination wedding businesses and sharing their successes? You will be getting positive feedback, encouragement, and so many other success insights from members doing it in the trenches!

6 Weeks of Live Breakthrough Group Coaching Sessions With Lou & Tami

(Value: $997)

I created the 20K System to be the fastest and easiest way for you to go from hopeful to successful!  

But I also created it to be the most supportive. That's why the 20K System & Toolkit now includes 6 weekly live group coaching calls.  

Got a question? Doubts? Uncertainties? Something or anything not making sense?

Not clear on how to implement? Or whether you're moving in the right direction? Or how a particular solution works specifically for your business?

We've got you covered!

Enroll in The 20K System Today


Also included, Our 20K Business Toolkit Full of Plug & Play Templates & Scripts to Accelerate Your Progress! πŸ‘‡

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Biz Tool Kit

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Biz Toolkit & Download Library is a goldmine of done-for-you templates, scripts, and tech support videos.


We take all the guesswork out of building the most important parts of your business right down to the smallest detail so everything is covered

Use these templates, scripts, and how-to videos to keep yourself on track, or simply hand them off to your team so you can be sure they know exactly what needs to be done to complete every phase of your destination wedding biz process!

You’ll get my complete plug & play processes with...

  • Done-For-You Follow-up Email Sequences
    that will get your wedding couples to hire you before someone else!
  • Paint-By-Numbers 20K Consultation Blueprint
    designed for you to get the booking!
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Email Sequences
    you can send to your wedding groups
  • Destination Wedding Planning Timeline
    to guide you & your wedding couple every step of the way
  • Virtual Resort Tour Library
    to give you more in-depth knowledge of wedding resort venues we recommend
  • Tech-Frustration Eliminator
    to answer all your tech questions
  • Example wedding client contract
  • Example list of services to send to your clients
  • Lifetime access!
  • And so much MORE is being added all the time!

What our Planners have to say...

“After following the expert advice of Tami & Lou to stay out in front of my potential clients with good and relevant content, my sales funnel is definitely working for me. My calendar is filling with consultations! It's working!"


“I still have 3 more DW consultations set up for next week. It is all because of the techniques I have learned about closing the sale, not giving away too much information in the consultation, and CHARGING what I am worth!
Since joining the 20K program I have booked 21 weddings and 2 vow renewals! THANK YOU so much for the support not only from Tami and Lou, but also this community of awesome agents. At a time when I was ready to give up, you all literally saved me! Forever grateful!!"


"Contract Signed! For a destination wedding in the Maldives for 60 rooms. This will be a family-friendly wedding, so I anticipate more than just 120 guests. This could end up being a $400,000 sale in the end!"


Plus, I have some extra goodies for you designed to speed up & simplify your progress!


The Ultimate Legal Starter Kit

Glinnesa Gailliard | Travel Business Lawyer

βœ… Know how to protect your business while you serve your clients
βœ… Must-have contracts and understanding force majeure
βœ… The deets on Seller of Travel
βœ… Compliance & privacy policy to protect your business


How to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your WeddingBiz!

Michelle Braswell | Wedding Pro Coach & Founder of The Wedding Vendors Community

βœ… Setting up your group
βœ… Marketing your group
βœ… Group engagement tips
βœ… Turning group members into clients


Beyond The Coverage

Iesha Brewton | The Insurance Concierge

Protecting your business & your profits!

βœ… Understanding risks & liabilities
βœ… Errors & omissions insurance, what it is and what you need
βœ… The right protection for your travel business


Social Selling Launch Kit

Nikita Brown | Travel Agent Collective

βœ… 30 done-for-you destination wedding graphics
βœ… 30 captions to attract your ideal client on Instagram
βœ… Instagram masterclass to help you step into your authority as a destination wedding pro as you build your online presence


Let Your Lead Magnet Fly Masterclass

Nicole Barrett | The Travelpreneur Academy

βœ… Understanding the lead generation process
βœ… Getting your lead magnet out there to the world
βœ… Creating calls to action for your lead magnet
βœ… How to develop #alwaysbelistbuilding mindset


When you enroll during this Special, Limited-Time Host Week Offer, you will get...

Instant access to the 20K System’s
7 training modules, videos, and exercises that will transform you from struggling to figure it out into the in-demand destination wedding guru today’s couples are looking for

(Value: $4,497)


  • My proven & profitable plug & play 20K Destination Wedding Sales Funnel Framework designed to bring you a reliable & consistent flow of your ideal wedding clients year after year!
    (Value: $497)
  • All my essential, done-for-you, fill-in-the-blank templates to take the guesswork, overwhelm, and frustration out of knowing which emails & scripts to use when you are either attracting or booking your destination wedding couples!
    (Value: $497)
  • Monthly live group coaching sessions to answer your questions, clear up doubts and keep you motivated and on track.
    (Value: $4,764)
  • My Paint-by-Numbers 20K Consultation Blueprint that I personally use to get an 80% close rate!
    (Value: $597)
  • Access to our destination wedding planning timelines to guide you and your wedding clients every step of the way through the destination wedding process.
    (Value: $297)
  • Destination Event Toolkit & Download Library  an essential part of your destination wedding business!
    (Value: $1,997)
  • The tech-frustration eliminator to answer all of your tech questions, so you have more of “I got it done!” and less of the “I don’t know!”
    (Value: $597)
  • Free updates so that you will always have the latest, most up-to-date information to keep you at the top of your destination wedding game!
    (Value: Priceless!)
  • Lifetime access so that you can go through the materials each week at your own pace — as fast or slow as you need to on your own schedule — just never give up!
    (Value: Priceless Again!)


Plus, 5 of the BEST BONUSES the 20K System has ever offered!

  • The Ultimate Legal Starter Kit Bonus
    (Value: $1,997)
  • Let Your Lead Magnet Fly Masterclass Bonus
    (Value: $997)
  • Beyond The Cover Masterclass Bonus
    (Value: $497)
  • Grow Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups Bonus
    (Value: $997)
  • Social Selling Launch Kit Bonus! 
    (Value: $997)

So, with ALL of these moduleslive coaching, training, templates, & bonuses set up for your success, you're probably wondering...

"Okay, how much is my investment?"

The 20K System & Toolkit may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get the results you desire. It's not some $49-a-month membership program or a $99-a-year newsletter subscription.

It's a small investment in yourself & your business that pays huge dividends in your life & your future.

 One that will pay you back for years and years to come! One that will let you FINALLY have the wedding & travel business you want. And one that will position you to be a leader in the destination wedding market!

When you add it all up, it's a total real-world value of over $16,000!

  And if you weigh all that against how your investment into the 20K System will transform your life, then it's an easy choice.

And because Lou & I are committed to making the 20K System as accessible as possible so as many wedding & travel pros who want to, can use it to make their destination wedding business dreams a reality... 


The 20K System is regularly just $2,997.


 Which I'm sure you'll agree is still a great deal for EVERYTHING you are getting in the 20K System...

You can join today for an investment of just one payment of $2,997 $1,497, 6 payments of $507 $257, or 12 payments of $299 $157 exclusively!




It's finally your turn...

Are you ready to add another 0 to your yearly income & build the destination wedding business you've always dreamed of?




  • 20K System ($4,997)
  • 7 Core Training Modules ($4,997)
  • 20K Business Toolkit & Download Library ($2,997)
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Legal Starter Kit ($1,997)
  • BONUS: Let Your Lead Magnet Fly Masterclass ($997)
  • BONUS: Beyond The Cover Masterclass ($497)
  • BONUS: Grow Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups ($997)
  • BONUS: Social Selling Launch Kit ($1,297)
  • 20K Private Facebook Community (Priceless!)
  • 6 Interactive Group Coaching with Lou & Tami ($2,987)
Total Value: 

Reg $2997


$1,497 x 1 





20K System ($4,997)

  • 7 Core Training Modules ($4,997)
  • 20K Business Toolkit & Download Library ($2,997)
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Legal Starter Kit ($1,997)
  • BONUS: Let Your Lead Magnet Fly Masterclass ($997)
  • BONUS: Beyond The Cover Masterclass ($497)
  • BONUS: Grow Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups ($997)
  • BONUS: Social Selling Launch Kit ($1,297)
  • 20K Private Facebook Community (Priceless!)
  • 6 Interactive Group Coaching with Lou & Tami ($2,987)
Total Value: 

Reg $2997


$257 x 6 





  • 20K System ($4,997)
  • 7 Core Training Modules ($4,997)
  • 20K Business Toolkit & Download Library ($2,997)
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Legal Starter Kit ($1,997)
  • BONUS: Let Your Lead Magnet Fly Masterclass ($997)
  • BONUS: Beyond The Cover Masterclass ($497)
  • BONUS: Grow Your Wedding Biz with Facebook Groups ($997)
  • BONUS: Social Selling Launch Kit ($1,297)
  • 20K Private Facebook Community (Priceless!)
  • 6 Interactive Group Coaching with Lou & Tami ($2,987)
Total Value: 

Reg $2997


$157 x 12 


You are getting the fastest path to having the destination wedding business you've always dreamed of. The PROVEN 20K FORMULA will give you all the tools and resources you need to transform you from a stuck & frustrated travel or wedding pro into an UNSTOPPABLE destination wedding guru! who is booking 5-10 destination weddings or more, year after year, for a lifetime!


But you have to have skin in this game too. You have to do the work. And if you're not willing to, you'll be wasting both our time. 



Booking just one wedding will be more than paying you back for your investment! Talk about value!

What our Planners have to say...

“The 20K program is paying off for me big time! Here's what I have booked just by truly applying what was taught:
2 destination weddings in Cabo
2 group trips to Italy
1 group trip to Dubai
For those that may be discouraged, stay focused and consistent! The information is solid and will work for you!"


"I have signed on a destination wedding, vow renewal, delayed honeymoon, and birthday trip! Even better, ALL with planning fees and up against other agents in my area that don't charge anything.
It took me a year and a half to get here... I know not all weeks will be like this, but I am grinding day in and day out with the tools and mentorship Tami, Lou and the 20k team have provided."


"My Wednesday Win!!! Just received executed contract and fee for a DW in Sept 2022 in Barbados. They are expecting up to 100 guest. Now the work begins helping them to plan and book their DW without stress and regrets. Thanks Tami Santini and Lou Santini for your tips and instructions on how to attract DW couples."


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If you're thinking, "This sounds amazing but I'm still not 100% sure!"

Keep reading...

Because you're backed by our rock-solid guarantee that lets you sleep easily at night!

The fact that you’re reading this section means you already know that getting more ideal wedding leads & clients, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt, hesitation, or risk? I get it.

Like, “This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this is really what I need?" Well, that’s simple. Try it.

Test-Drive The 20K System & Toolkit For The Next 30 Days!

The 20K System & Toolkit is 100% Risk-Free! 

When you enroll, you’ll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING inside the program, and if for whatever reason - and I mean ANY reason- if you don’t feel like this was the best investment you’ve made into building your destination wedding business, simply email Heather at [email protected]. We’ll gladly refund your entire investment - no questions asked!

So, now, you can invest in this program with confidence and peace of mind knowing there is truly no way to be ripped off or burned because if this truly isn’t what you wanted, then we don’t want unhappy money! So, it’s for that reason, you can join absolutely risk-free because we're putting all the risk on us!

If you think there's even the slightest chance the 20K System can work for you, YOU should enroll today!


Here’s what 20K planners have to say:

“Trust me you will not be disappointed."



“This is one of the BEST programs I've come across! I totally enjoyed going through the 20K System and had a LOT of aha moments."



“This is the first time I've invested in something where I got my money back and then some with my first wedding booked. IT WORKED and worked beautifully" 



“I'm happy to inform you, I've been booked and busy this year! Your program has helped me along the way. A huge THANKS to you guys!!!"



“I'm sooo impressed with what I've uncovered so far! Fabulous!"



“I just want to say your program worked a little too well for me!!!...I have signed like 5 weddings in the last 2 months which is a huge win for me!!"



“I'm happy to inform you, I've been booked and busy this year! Your program has helped me along the way. A huge THANKS to you guys!!!"



“20K has helped me tremendously and I honestly don't think I would have ever taken the leap to do this full-time without the help, guidance, and support that you, Lou, and the rest of the 20K community have given me."


Don’t just take our planners' word for it, have a sneak peek under the hood of the 20K System to see for yourself everything it can do for YOU & YOUR business!


One more thing...

If you really want to have a thriving & successful destination wedding business, a blueprint for success is more important now than ever! You owe it to yourself and the thousands of wedding couples you're meant to serve to have the most successful business possible!

We've got your back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The 20K System & Toolkit comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Apply what you learn today and you'll soon see - there's no limit to the success you'll have tomorrow and beyond!


Choose The 20K System & Toolkit That's Right for You


One Payment of





6 monthly payments of





12 Payments




There is no better time to get a piece of this 16 billion-a-year industry than Today!

The second best time was yesterday!

We all wish we ALREADY had a six-figure or multi-six figure destination wedding and event business, but to get to that lucrative place, we need to take inventory of where we are TODAY and resolve to take the action steps that are necessary to get where we need to go! Otherwise, we will look back a year from now wondering why we are still in the EXACT same place or maybe worse.

And since you’re reading this, I absolutely don’t want that to be you!

I don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now without some destination weddings on the books and wondering what could’ve been if you would have taken action TODAY!

Lou & I want your business to be flooded with a bunch of new destination wedding leads, many of whom will book you to plan their destination wedding or honeymoon! And we want you to thank yourself for saying YES today.

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And because Lou & I actually give a FAQ, your most popular questions answered!

Enroll in The 20K System Today

(JUST $299 $157 TODAY)