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Exactly What Will Work so You Don’t Waste Time or Money on What Doesn’t!

Hey, we know you have a full plate and how hard it is to decide which of the million-and-one things on your to-do list will move the needle forward fastest for your business. (We're just hoping you don't end up making the wrong decision and wasting more precious time.) 


 We’ve been exactly where you are, and in our 12+ years of running a multi-six-figure romance travel agency, we’ve figured out a thing or two.

The truth is that in the next 12 months, Academy Pro will:

  • Make your business easier
  • Help you win
  • Give you step-by-step plans for success
  • Save you from wasting money on things that don't work
  • Help you work smarter, not harder
  • Give you pivots that work
  • Help you fulfill your potential and carry your business as far as it's meant to go
  • Give you a clear vision and a path for long-term, consistent success 


Here’s How The Academy Pro Membership Will Ignite Your Business Like Rocket-Fuel, Propelling You to The Next Level !

Live Monthly Q&A Call With Tami & Lou + Replays!

VALUE: $997 


It's time to get your questions answered about anything you need in your romance travel business. Every month, the Academy Pro community comes together to guide business decisions, client situations, and more. This alone justifies your membership investment, ensuring you're never left confused or wasting time and money. 

Our LIVE monthly coaching calls will give you an unfair advantage as you quickly get all of your burning questions about building, growing, and scaling a successful romance travel business!

Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Tami & Lou to:

📞 Refine your strategy

📞 Gain insights

📞 Overcome challenges

📞 Brainstorm new ideas

📞 Receive personalized guidance

We record each Q&A session and put them in the Academy for easy reference.



Total Business Blueprint

VALUE: $2,700


The blueprint for you to experience growth in every area of your romance travel business! The business blueprint consists of 50+ hours in our 4 vaults of step-by-step strategies covering all areas of your romance travel business.


You’ll learn:

▶️ What marketing strategies will grow your followers, leads, bookings, and revenue the fastest?

▶️ How do you design your website to gain maximum credibility and conversions?

▶️ Which social media techniques really work to build your following now?

▶️ How to create a lead magnet that makes wedding couples feel like they know, like, and trust you

▶️ How to build a brand that builds credibility, raving fans, and lifelong clients! 

▶️ How to create a killer marketing strategy to grow your followers quickly, leads, and bookings!

▶️ How to match your wedding couples to the right resorts & venues that will make them sing your praises to the world

▶️ Write email sequences that help you book your calendar full of consultations

▶️ How to qualify the proper honeymoon and destination wedding resorts with the right couples

▶️ What is the best CRM you should use?

▶️ Should I run ads? To what? When?

▶️ How do I create lifelong fans and clients?

▶️ How do you find high-end clients who value your service (versus price shoppers)

▶️ How to run your consultations that close at 80+ percent!

▶️ How to build and grow your brand

▶️ Changes and updates to resorts, host agencies, & travel suppliers

▶️ How to bring on independent contractors to grow your business, and when is the right time to start thinking about it

▶️ When do you know it’s time to hire your first VA?

▶️ How to bring on independent contractors to grow your business, and when is the right time to start thinking about it

▶️ How to properly position your business to save on taxes

▶️ How to develop a winning mindset that will give you an edge in a competitive romance travel space

And so much more!


Quarterly Mastermind Collabs

VALUE: $500


Once per quarter, we will come together to mastermind, where we will gain a fresh perspective, access some insider tips, and engage in productive discussions on "What’s working now?" and “Where have you been?”

These quarterly collabs will:

🤝 Enhance your skills!

🤝 Expand your bookings!

🤝 Share your personal experiences of resorts and destinations

🤝 Share the success you are having with software, marketing campaigns, new ideas you are using to knock it out of the park! 

🤝 Empower each other to thrive, not just survive in your business!



Quarterly Expert Workshops & Webinars

VALUE: $997

Every quarter, we bring in industry experts to share step-by-step how-to's that you can implement in your travel business. From Pinterest strategies to optimizing your Google My Business Profile, these workshops provide actionable steps, cutting-edge trends, strategy, and must-know information that brings tangible results.


We are committed to bringing you the best guest speakers & experts in the industry to help you experience unparalleled growth in your business!

These growth workshops include learning:

⚙️ Destination insider secrets

⚙️ Resort updates on rooms, suites, pools, restaurants, etc.

⚙️ Resort wedding venues

⚙️ Resort wedding packages

⚙️ Resort virtual tours

⚙️ Social media strategies

⚙️ How to use Pinterest for romance travel leads

⚙️ How to make your website look legit & showcase you as a guru

⚙️ And so many more to come



Private Community For Members Only!

VALUE: $497


No more loneliness in this industry! We’ve created a private Facebook group where you can introduce yourself and network with other skilled romance travel pros who will challenge, celebrate, and encourage one another! From START to SCALE, you no longer have to do this alone!

Get answers to your questions; you just can’t Google any time of the day or night!

Our Academy Facebook Group is a top resource for the entire community filled with like-minded romance travel pros who will get you answers to the questions you can't Google any time of the day or night! 

Questions such as…

💭 “Does anyone have a resort recommendation for a couple who…?”

💭 “How do I handle a bridezilla?”

💭 “Is anyone else having trouble with…?"

💭 “I’m thinking of switching host agencies. Does anyone have a recommendation?”

💭 “I need help with a new IC. Does anyone have a resource?”

💭 “I’m considering joining…Is anyone else in this?"

💭 “Does anyone have a contact for XYZ wedding department?"

💭 “What CRM does everyone use?”

💭 And so many more!



Plus, You Get These Exclusive PRO Bonuses Just for Saying "Yes!" 

Pro Bonus 1:
Priority Invitation to our In-Location Academy Pro Retreats & Conferences


You will be the first to know about our in-destination events and retreats designed to immerse you with inside knowledge you can only get from being there!

These live experiences will help you:

📸 Discover hidden gems

📸 Build connections

📸 Rest and recharge

📸 Experience destination wedding photoshoots

📸 Expand your network

📸 Make new friends

📸 Position your business for exponential growth

📸 And so much more

Pro Bonus 2:
Discounts and Special Offers Exclusive to Academy Pro Members Only!


You will be offered special discounts and promotions throughout your membership year as an Academy Pro member.  These discounts and offers will be emailed to you by invitation only. 

Seize this golden opportunity to revolutionize your romance travel business. Join Academy Pro with us and unlock the pathway to unparalleled success! 🌟🏖️

Real People, Just Like You, Getting Real Results!


Don't just take it from us; see what others say about the coaching and programs they receive in our community! 



As Seen On



From Our Community

"Just wanted to share some great news. With the help of our live group coaching calls and my 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Tami, I secured another wedding couple! This community rocks!!!"


“This is the first time I've invested in something where I got my money back and then some with my first wedding booked. IT WORKED and worked beautifully."


“Woke up to another contract signed this morning! This is 3 WEDDINGS now since starting this program!"


"Contract Signed! For a destination wedding in the Maldives for 60 rooms. This will be a family-friendly wedding, so I anticipate more than just 120 guests. This could end up being a $400,000 sale in the end!"


This Academy Pro is For You If...


  • If you have a passion for travel and are eager to embark on a rewarding career that offers both financial stability and fulfillment, then this is tailor-made for you. 

  • You're currently tied to a traditional 9-5 and are yearning to break free from the daily grind and turn your passion for travel into a source of income! 

  • You’re looking at making your travel business a full-time gig, and not just a side hustle anymore, but you know you have to increase your revenue to pull it off.

  • You're eager to elevate your expertise and capabilities, aiming to expand your business, garner enthusiastic referrals from satisfied clients, and set higher planning fees for your valuable services."

  • You’re a seasoned travel advisor, busy, and know that you need new processes but aren’t sure where to start or who you can trust to help you.

  • You’ve been at the destination wedding and honeymoon game for a while, but are tired of getting price shoppers and tire kickers, and you are READY to attract higher-end clients.

  • You want to capitalize on the enormous earning potential and popularity of destination weddings & luxurious honeymoon trends, modern techniques, and new technologies to supercharge your skills so you can stay ahead of the curve. 

  • You are fully dedicated and prepared to invest in your future self, take decisive actions, and transform your business and your life."

This is Not For You If...


  • You're looking to have a multi-six-figure business tomorrow!
    This program is about building a long-term, sustainable, real revenue-generating romance travel business that will give you sustained, repeatable growth in your leads, bookings, and income, year after year— while ALL your clients shout your name from the rooftops.

  • You're only interested in giving the Academy a "Test Run"
    This is not for people who want to “try it out” and half-do their way to a successful romance travel business. Lou and I show up and give 110% to our entire community every day!  We expect you to give your best as well. You gotta commit to showing up and taking action! 

  • You look for excuses to not succeed.
    If you find yourself making excuses rather than seeking success, or if complaining, and nitpicking, are your go-to responses for lack of results, this might not be the right fit for you. The Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Business Academy is all about embracing responsibility and showing up every day with the determination to excel and make a mark!"



Why We Created the Academy Pro

Hi, we're Tami and Lou Santini. Owners of Paradise Getaways, a multi-six figure, award-winning destination wedding & honeymoon agency. We're the creators of the 20K System & Toolkit, North America’s premier destination wedding and honeymoon business-building program.

The Academy Pro is the resource we wish we had when we were first starting in the romance travel business… We have a deep passion for helping wedding and travel pros grow and scale a business that they not only love, but that provides real life-changing income!

We truly believe that when you learn how to build, grow, and scale your romance travel business, you can create a business and life you love…

And, yes, make AMAZING money at the same time – that’s what we're here to teach you.

Inside this program, We’ll give you everything you need to…

Learn the proven strategies that today’s romance travel businesses need to build, grow, and scale. so you can create a life of freedom, have more fun, and help a lot of couples and others have bucket list experiences in the process.

To date, hundreds of romance travel professionals and business owners worldwide have used the skills they learned in our programs to ignite their romance travel businesses… 

Time and time again, our members have used our teachings, training, and courses to future-proof their skills, create raving clients, and make their business relevant and relatable to today’s wedding couple that gets results…

…being the guru that today’s wedding couples yearn for, and willingly pay you for it!

Now it’s your turn – I’m thrilled to welcome you to join us in Academy Pro to assist you in fueling your romance travel business.



We’ve Already Run The Miles For You And Figured This Out The Hard Way, Now We’re Making It Simple For You to Take The Fast Track to Success!

You’ll find the correct information the first time from real-time wedding & travel pros who are in the trenches every day with you!

Why waste your life duct-taping together strategies from free guides, fishing on Google, or sitting through a fluffy YouTube video?

In 12 months, you will walk away with expert know-howtimeless marketing methods, and a proven strategy that you can use to launch, grow, or scale your romance travel business into a six-figure business with unstoppable confidence.

Our strategies are made by doers, not just “gurus”. You deserve to be part of the industry’s most authentic romance travel membership, fostering your personal and business growth and success.

Join us now and be among the real people doing the real work, creating a real future you've always dreamed of.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!



What Can You Expect from the Academy?




  • Access to our Total Growth Blueprint’s Exclusive Vault of Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, Marketing, and Travelprenuer Business Growth Training and Strategies (Valued at $2700)
  • Access to Both the Live Insider Monthly Q&A Calls and the Recorded Q&A Video Library (Valued at $997)
  • Quarterly Mastermind Collaborative Sessions (Valued at $500)
  • 12 Months of Access to All Academy Events and Special Speakers! (Valued at $997)
  • Exclusive Access to the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Business Academy Private Facebook Community (Valued at $497)


Future-proof your romance travel business success and skyrocket your results with these special FREE Bonuses! 

Invitation to our exclusive on-location immersive retreats that are specifically focused on arming you with knowledge, experience, and a jolt of motivation that will ignite your leads, bookings, and revenue! (Value: Priceless)

Exclusive Discounts for ALL Academy Members! 



Our 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

Listen, we get it…

We know what it’s like to feel uncertain about a big investment in yourself. That voice inside your head that says, ‘But what if this doesn’t work for me?” We are so confident that you’re going to get 10X the value from your investment that we’ll let you have access to it for a full 30 days with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Attend the live calls… Start watching the video training, test out all the strategies… Give the Academy a full test drive…

And our sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and choose to stay.

If you do, GREAT!
If not, that’s ok, too.

Within 30 days, if you genuinely don’t feel the Academy Pro will help you reach your business goals, just email [email protected]m, and you’ll be given a full refund.

That’s how confident we are in the success you will have as part of the Academy Pro!

So click the button below, and let’s get started…



What Our Community is Saying



Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions



Why spend years and thousands of dollars testing like we have to figure this out on our own? You must catch up, jump, and do this RIGHT, and DO IT NOW! 

We’re going to take on the learning curve so you don’t have to waste hours learning and trying to implement at the same time!

Isn’t it time you learn from coaches who do this every day, who get it, who are respected, and who mentor leaders in the romance travel industry?

Isn’t that worth it? Just try us out. If you don’t love the training, just cancel your subscription. If you love it, hang with us every month as we teach you the latest strategies and news, that will help you crush your goals and unlock your actual earning potential as a romance travel professional!


Because you’ll never be alone in our Academy Pro community.


Join today to get instant access to 12 months of the best tactical training & strategies that will give you an unfair advantage in a crowded romance travel space!

This investment in yourself is fully write-off-able and an amount you could easily make back with your very next destination wedding honeymoon client or campaign after taking just a few lessons in the academy… as many of our previous students have done.

PLUS, you’ll get immediate access to our Academy Pro community to ask questions, get support, and connect with the hundreds of other members in real time (including successful romance travel planners who were in your shoes not long ago – and now have thriving businesses).

Stop putting your dreams on hold…