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Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero


Professionally written, beautifully designed destination wedding & honeymoon content that turns new wedding couples into raving fans, new leads, and booked clients... on autopilot! 

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been here...

  • "I have no idea what to write about!
  • "I don’t have hours to spend creating content!"
  • "I have no idea what type of emails to send!"
  • "When I do finally invest the time... I get crickets only to be left feeling frustrated and utterly defeated." 

WE TOTALLY GET IT… Coming up with consistent, high-quality, destination wedding & honeymoon content that actually attracts wedding couples to your website & social pages isn't easy! 

Right now, wedding couples are Googling, reading blogs, devouring social posts, creating pin boards, watching hours of reels, lives, & YouTube videos, and asking random people in Facebook groups for advice on planning their destination wedding or honeymoon! 


Obviously, you want these couples...

To read your blogs, like, follow, and share your social posts, pin your pins on their wedding & honeymoon boards, watch your Reels, lives, & videos, and open your emails!

So you're probably saying...


"I understand that social media, emails, blogs, Instagram Reels, and all of that are critical, but I'm already spread too thin. The idea of trying to sit down and create content makes me want to scream and throw my laptop out the window!"

There are a gazillion excuses NOT to create content, but all the excuses in the world won't change the fact that in today's competitive marketplace, creating content is 100% necessary if you're going to build a successful romance travel business. 

Your blogs, emails, social media, pins, and live videos are YOUR STOREFRONT. 

If you're not showing up online, telling your brand story, and creating valuable, engaging, scroll-stopping content — it's going to be hard to reach new wedding couples to know you as an authority, celebrity, and expert romance travel planner!  

That’s exactly why we created The Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero...

This is your shortcut to help you create engaging, client generating content for your social pages, website, videos, emails, and MORE!


We're givng you EVERYTHING you need to put an end to your content struggles right here and right now!  Content Hero will help you quickly & easily post high-interest, high engagement, destination weddings & honeymoon content that will make you stand out from the crowd as the go-to expert!

Now, it's easy to copy & paste, high-quality, blogs, social posts, pins, and video content, at your fingertips, that make wedding couples fall head over heels!

  • Without having to spend hours and hours a day writing (or wracking your brain) trying to figure out what to create!
  • Without having to spend thousands of dollars on graphic designers or expensive content-creating services!
  • Without running out of ideas or wasting hours of your time staring at a blank screen!

And now, Content Hero will help YOU create content with ease... all designed to make wedding couples go, "Ooh, tell me more!", "OMG, I need to talk to them!", and "I'm so excited, how can I work with you?"


Imagine this could be you...

"Sign-ups for my lead magnet have increased 300% Holy Cow!" 
"I'm finally churning out regular, consistent, social posts in half the time!"
"Wedding couples I've never met are emailing me, just to say, 'Thank you' for publishing my latest blog post!" 
"I'm still getting new leads & bookings from that video I made six months ago!" 

What would that do for your business?

What would that do for your new wedding & honeymoon leads?

What would that do for your bottom line?


Well, you don't have to imagine anymore because we've got you covered...




The Ultimate Content Subscription That Gives You Copy & Paste, Done-for-You, Google Search-Optimized Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content That Turns Today’s Wedding Couples Into Followers, Raving Fans, & New Clients… on Autopilot!

Get everything you need (nothing you don’t) for monthly killer-destination wedding & honeymoon content that gets you noticed & builds your authority, without burning you out in the process… & it only takes a few minutes per week. 

We're talking done-for-you Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Content delivered to you every month that will help you continue to build trust and grow a loyal client base that will use your romance travel business over and over again!

Yes, I'm Ready!

Now you can post high-quality, high-interest destination wedding & honeymoon content to your website & social pages in 3 easy steps!


Simply select one of the two monthly done-for-you wedding & honeymoon content topics you want to use. 

Now, this is truly no-fuss as we have done all the heavy lifting for you, choosing topics that will get today's wedding couples to stop the scroll and click to check out your post.


✅ Time, energy, and money. Never again trying to figure out what to write about or having to hire an expensive content service!


Customize & personalize your new destination wedding & honeymoon content you've chosen in just a few minutes.


✅ Hours of writing & editing time so that you can spend more time scheduling consultations and closing new clients!


That's right! It's that easy! Now, wedding couples will find your blogs, social posts, pins, reels & videos.


✅ The stress of having to chase down new destination wedding & honeymoon clients, as YOU jump to the front of the line as the "go-to" expert they'll reach out to for help!

Get Started Now!

Hi there, we're Tami & Lou Santini!

Creators of the 20K System & Toolkit and owners of a multi-six-figure destination wedding business, Paradise Getaways.

Most people know us for our signature 20K System & Toolkit Destination Wedding Business Building Course, but what you may not know is that we have been creating honeymoon & destination wedding content that grew our small travel agency into a multi-six-figure award-winning agency!   

Regarding content, we know what topics today’s wedding couples are looking for, and that is EXACTLY what we will give you in Content Hero! 🦸🏼‍♂️

Wedding and honeymoon content that will keep attracting wedding couples to your business over and over again!

Seriously, we know you don’t have a lot of spare time, but with the done-for-you content inside Content Hero, you'll be able to create content in minutes that will generate traffic and followers full of wedding couples reading your blogs, watching your videos, and loving & liking your posts on social media!

When you have the right honeymoon & destination wedding content on your website, in your social posts, and in your emails, it will provide immense returns that can snowball and keep driving in honeymoon & destination wedding leads for years to come! 

Using the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero couldn't be easier, in fact, anyone can use our 3-step copy & paste process for your content creation.   

It’s our set-it-and-forget-it system for creating content that attracts wedding couples to your business like a magnet, and will continue to attract wedding couples to your business again and again for years to come!

This is the same content strategy that not only made us into a multi-six-figure destination wedding business but also has helped our 20K students rapidly grow their own business!

Our content plan worked for them, it can work for you too!

It doesn’t matter if you're not a techie. If you’ve never created content before. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve never written a blog, or done much with your social media.


Everything you need to know will be provided - so ANYONE can have high-quality content that attracts IDEAL wedding couples to YOUR social pages & posts, YOUR website, YOUR lead magnet, YOUR reels & videos, YOUR online calendar, and YOUR NEXT BOOKED CLIENT! 

Wait, that's not all!

Plus, you get all of these extra bonuses!


8 Done For You Instagram Reels With Captions & Trending Sounds

Just for joining the 20K Content Hero, we are giving you 4 Reels to customize any way you like and 4 edited ready-to-post Reels, complete with captions & trending sounds that will keep couples on the lookout for your next post in their feed!


Exclusive Access to the Private Content Hero Facebook Group

You'll have access to our members-only community where you can get the support & feedback you need from our team, as well as the other destination wedding & honeymoon pros that are in the group!


Live Monthly Q&A Coaching Call

You'll never be stuck not knowing what to do or how to do it! With our monthly coaching calls, our team will show you the latest content marketing strategies, and exactly how to apply them to your monthly content every month!


30-Day Social Media Engagement Calendar 

Each engagement calendar is tailor-made for each month, and you can use these 30-day social media prompts to increase your engagement and followers on your social media pages. Use these prompts for posts, stories, or videos!

The Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero is your secret weapon to create unforgettable destination wedding & honeymoon content, that couples can't get enough of... and will actually read!

With the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero, get ready to do the happy dance as you...

  • Stop worrying about how you’re going to afford a content creator or graphic designer!
  • You NEVER have to worry about what to post or when!
  • Shortcut the time you spend in front of the phone or computer screen while still providing the EXACT CONTENT your ideal wedding couples are looking for!
  • Have professionally written subject lines and titles that get your content found, followed, watched, and read! 
  • Start having honeymoon & destination wedding LEADS showing up in your inbox, signing up for a consultation, & HIRING YOU!
  • You'll have high-converting content without overthinking, stressing, or wasting hours of your life on your computer or your phone ever again! 

Could you get the same results without the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero?

Maybe... but you’ll probably have to…


  • Spend hours trying to figure out what type of topics will excite and engage wedding couples to start stalking your website and follow all of your social pages, until you stumble on something that FINALLY works...
    ...might as well just flush all your free time down the drain because that’s a losing battle. 
  • Trial and error strategies, wasting time and energy following “expert” after expert with no results…
  • Lose sleep wondering why your website isn’t getting the traffic you expected or why you haven’t grown any followers
  • Hire a content company, there are a lot of good ones (and some not-so-good-ones) out there who can help you...
    ...Just get ready to part with hundreds of your hard-earned bucks.  Darn it!
  • Watch a crap ton of YouTube tutorials on creating content from experts who all swear by different strategies...
    ...say goodbye to having more time to sell when you’re stuck watching hours of how-tos.
  • Waste a ton of time writing out all of your blog posts, social posts, pins & emails...
    ...only to lose more time trying to design everything perfectly so it doesn't look like a hack job!
  • Guess what types of headlines are going to actually get wedding couples to read your posts and open your emails!

Ain't nobody got time for that!

It's time to skip the hours & hours trying to get quality destination wedding & honeymoon couples to find & engage with your business online, (and not getting any real results) 😩 Instead, simply copy, edit, & paste content & posts that actually work to bring you in more bookings & sales!

Yes, Give Me The Content!

Get a Glimpse of This Month’s Content Hero Pack!


Frequently Asked Questions

It's like hiring a content marketing expert to create professional destination wedding & honeymoon content for you🧑🏻‍💻, but paying only a fraction of the cost!

Ready to get started?

What's Included?

2 Done For You Blog Posts Optimized by The Key Words Wedding Couples Are Searching For in Google!

Written on destination wedding & honeymoon topics today’s wedding couples are eagerly searching for!

These are the same topics BIG bridal media companies spend thousands of dollars researching every year to grow their wedding couples' lead list!    

2 Copy & Paste Outrageously Effective Email Sequences

That your couples will actually read!

You'll have two email sequences every month to send to the wedding couples on your list, that are designed to get opened, get read, and get them to take action! We even include a graphic for your emails to increase your click-through rate!

10 Done For You Social Media Post Templates & Captions

That's right, 10 done-for-you social post templates, including carousel post template!

(10) TOTAL that includes image ideas & pre-written customizable captions for you to use as inspiration to attract and engage with wedding couples on social media.

6 Done For You Pinterest Templates

You'll receive 3 customizable Canva Pinterest Pin Templates for each destination wedding or honeymoon topic 6 TOTAL, designed to grab wedding couples' attention and lead them straight into your consultation flow!

2 Pre-Written Video Scripts

You're also getting 2 customizable video scripts, one per topic, that take the guesswork out of creating quick, short-form videos, for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Stories, and Facebook Lives that will draw wedding couples to your business, over and over again even months & years later, because a video's "life span" last so much longer than just a social post that is here today and gone from your news feed tomorrow!

A Curated Media Gallery

You'll receive a curated media gallery for each destination wedding or honeymoon topic designed to give you the right image every time!

Monthly Content Calendar

Our Content Planner will show you exactly how to plan out and use your new destination wedding & honeymoon content to get you the maximum reach & exposure for your business!

Ready to Crush Your 2024 and Beyond? Bring on Content Hero 🦸

TOTAL VALUE: $1,800 +



(Best Value)


Save $114 by joining today!



(Most Flexible)


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Is The Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Content Hero The Right Solution For You?


  • You’re a wedding or travel professional who is a seasoned pro, or just getting started.
  • You are trying to attract new destination weddings, honeymoons, & vow renewal couples to your business.
  • You want to get a constant flow of wedding leads into your sales funnel year after year without having to spend a lot on ads or bridal events.
  • You're looking for a quick & easy way to post wedding & honeymoon content that is guaranteed to get you liked, followed, shared, and contacted
  • You want wedding couples to fall head over heels for you as their “go-to” destination wedding & honeymoon guru!


  • If you aren’t willing to make the small investment in time to customize, download, & quickly post, done-for-you destination wedding & honeymoon content that only takes minutes now, instead of hours!
  • If posting on social media to grow your business isn’t in your current or future plans.
  • If you are afraid of growing your destination wedding & honeymoon leads, bookings & revenue faster than you think you can handle. 
  • If you believe that new destination wedding & honeymoon leads & bookings are just going to show up without you doing anything different than you’ve done before.

Done-For-You Copy & Paste Content System (New Content Each Month!)

  • 2 trending, hot-topic, destination wedding and honeymoon blog posts based on the EXACT keywords wedding couples are searching for in Google! (Valued $297)
  • 2 pre-written, 3 emails, sequences couples will actually open. Including a graphic to increase click-through rate (Valued $197)
  • 10 Facebook & Instagram templates including carousels & captions designed to create engagement on your page (Valued $197)
  • 6 pin-worthy Pinterest templates (Valued $147)
  • 2 pre-written video scripts you can use for your stories, Lives, YouTube Shorts, & TikToks (Valued $197)
  • A curated media gallery so you always have the correct photo at the right time (Valued $177)
  • Monthly content calendar to know what & when to post (Valued $97)

PLUS The Extra Bonuses (Valued $700 +)

  • 8 scroll-stopping Instagram Reels, complete with captions & trending sounds! 4 completely edited and ready to post, and 4 you can edit any way you like. You can also use these for TikTok, and YouTube Shorts as well! (Valued $397)
  • Exclusive access to the Private Content Hero Facebook Group (Valued: Priceless)
  • Live monthly Q&A coaching & marketing strategy calls (Valued $297) 
  • 30-Day Social Media Calendar (Valued $47)  

Ready to Crush Your 2024 and Beyond? Bring on Content Hero 🦸

TOTAL VALUE: $1,800 +



(Best Value)


Save $114 by joining today!



(Most Flexible)


Cancel anytime.