How to Weed Out Tire-Kickers, Charge Higher Fees, & Get Hired by Couples Who Value Your Service

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Then it’s time to stop the madness! Implement a proven framework to weed out the tire-kickers, get hired by quality couples who appreciate your expertise, and start charging what you are worth!

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Hey, I'm Tami Santini!

I'm the owner of Paradise Getaways, an award-winning Destination Wedding Design Agency, and, a Destination Wedding Coaching, and Business Building Community.

I have built a multi-six-figure destination wedding and travel business and have been named the #1 Destination Wedding Agent for Playa Resorts, Sandals Chairman's Royal Club, 3 years in a row, and a diamond level 5 for Karisma resorts, even though I spent an obscene amount of money on my Sociology degree from a private college!

I LOVE helping you, my fellow travel & wedding pros, grow your businesses & sharing my success secrets so that YOU TOO...can have a thriving business, be the one on stage winning the awards, stay in overwater villas in Bora Bora, swim with sharks and stingrays, or hum the Jurassic Park theme song while on a helicopter gazing upon the majestic waterfalls of Hawaii, because why not?

I’m ready to weed out the tire-kickers!